The Real Right Returns.

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Mr. Friberg stresses that much of the struggle against the Left must be personal and spiritual. The Left’s message of renouncing personal responsibility—that bad influences in the environment are to blame for things that go wrong—can be seductive even to those of us who recognize the harm it has done to our civilization, and our first duty is to get our personal houses in order. This means accepting the disciplines that formerly made Europe great, such as the cultivation of fitness and fighting ability for men and the acceptance of lifelong marriage and high-investment parenting for both sexes. According to Mr. Friberg, we must recover:

traditional social values such as honor, dignity, the will to self-sacrifice and social cohesion, humility before the sacrifices made by previous generations, and the view of one’s own generation as a link in a chain from the ancient past to the far flung future.

It is because they have been deprived of all historical sense that many of today’s young people live wholly in the present, chasing fugitive pleasures or trying to piece together an ersatz identity from the brand-name goods they own. […]

Mr. Friberg writes that repression is intensifying in Europe. One mainstream Swedish newspaper has cooperated with illegal hackers to steal personal information of people who have criticized mass immigration in online, supposedly anonymous, comment threads. They have published lists of names and addresses, and in some cases confronted people at their own homes.

We can expect more of this in the years to come, but I believe Mr. Friberg is correct to argue that this is a symptom of the Left’s weakness rather than its strength:

In country after country we are forcing the Left’s disillusioned, demoralised and feminised minions to retreat to the margins of society where their quixotic ideas and destructive utopias belong. From their quarter we are witnessing violent riots, parliamentary spectacle, and a fixation on the construction of eccentric sexual identities, as well as a renewed antifascist struggle consisting of harassment, violence, and in some cases even murder of political opponents. These are all symptoms of its dwindling influence and growing desperation.

(American Renaissance, February 12, 2016).

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