Defiance in Budapest.


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The one thing I can state confidently is that we shall meet in Europe again. It is not a matter of our own convenience or pleasure. It is not even primarily a matter of free speech. Europe’s elites, like our own, are in the grip of a delusion that will destroy Western civilization if it is not challenged: that of the interchangeability of populations. They believe a successful society of the European type can be constructed of any human material whatsoever—even with people who have never succeeded in creating any civilization at all. If Homo habilis survived anywhere, our masters would probably be trying to import him as well.

This suicidal delusion is tricked out in humanitarian language about human brotherhood and help for the poor in order to make it palatable to the masses, who are motivated and led by sentiment more than by reason and observation. That this apparently humane ideology leads to a dysfunctional society composed of mutually mistrustful groups in fierce competition is unimportant. What matters to the believer is the positive sentiments, not reality produced by implementing the ideology.

Our job is to remind others of home truths which may sound harsh to them at first, but which when acted upon will lead to higher-trust societies composed of people who understand each other well because they are similar. A world of nations in which people feel at home.

I believe that what happened in Budapest represents a positive development. Twenty years ago, the governments of Hungary and the European Union wouldn’t have considered us worth shutting down. But times are getting harder for Europe’s elites. It is becoming obvious to everyone that they are unable to deliver on their promises, and many Europeans are looking around for alternatives.

The attempted suppression of NPI’s conference was a clumsy move which will only arouse interest in us on the “banned in Boston” principle. That something like half of the attendees showed up anyway is also a very good sign. We need dedicated men who are prepared to step up and take the necessary measures when the current system ceases to function altogether. What I saw in Budapest leads me to believe that we are getting nearer to having the critical mass necessary for the job.

(Counter-Currents, October 13, 2014).

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