The Academy: Reform or Secession?


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I am continually amazed to see horror expressed over the circumstance that college aged men are having sexual relations with college aged women. “Surely we must punish the culprits who are turning our campuses into brothels and preying upon innocent womanhood, must we not? Our young women themselves must practice chastity and devote their attention to their studies, must they not?”

Well, no. In the great majority of cases, young women should be renouncing not sexual relations with men (formerly known as “marriage”), but academic work. In its place, we should draw up our own “Women’s Studies” curriculum, involving the analysis of such texts as Spock’s Baby and Child Care and The Joy of Cooking. This is not a radical proposal. Even granting (only for the sake of argument) that women are “equal” to men in the professions, the survival of our people still depends on someone bearing and nurturing infants: It is hardly likely to be men. Women must do not what they are equal at, but what they are superior at. Many of the young women I have observed in a university setting are severely deluded about themselves and their prospects in life. They are “B” and “C” students who imagine that glamorous careers in law and medicine are theirs for the asking, and that they will be able to marry and raise children in their spare time whenever they choose to do so. Feminism and prosperity have set them up for enormous disappointments, and they desperately need proper guidance, preferably from a “predator” (i.e., husband).

Worst of all, there are the lesbian recruitment programs known as Women’s Studies. These courses are not merely doctrinally unsound; they are notoriously easy, fostering an illusion of accomplishment without effort. Many veterans of the feminist classroom seriously imagine they are the intellectual equals of persons who have successfully majored in theoretical physics or ancient Greek. It is even possible that the credentialism I criticized above is itself partly a product of female infl uence. I have heard more than one man remark on women’s seeming faith in the talismanic value of college degrees. Again, this is a confusion between schooling and education.

I am emphatically not recommending that women’s education be limited to domestic skills. These are not the highest accomplishments women should aim at, but they are the first and most necessary, the essential basis for all that follows. Further enculturation is actually more important for them now than in the past, since so many will have to educate their own children at home. To this end, I would especially like to see their attention devoted to literature and the arts. In contrast, much of the coursework they are actually taking is either worthless or harmful.

All effective reform in the area of women’s education, however, is conditional upon the overthrow of the current divorce regime. Most women pick up their notions of right and wrong by example, and as long as wives are rewarded for abandoning their husbands, many will assume there is nothing wrong with doing so. No self-respecting man can accept a system in which the woman he is working to support can simply take his money and children from him by force and walk out. And, indeed, men are not accepting it any longer. There is no point in bringing women up to be mothers if men refuse to become fathers.

(The Occidental Quarterly, Vol. VI, No. 4, Winter 2006/2007).

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